ADANI TRANSMISSION CHART


Adani Transmissions traded in a positive trajectory on its weekly price chart after making a sustain correction in the last six months in a range of Rs 235-120 levels

· It recently witnessed a strong momentum favoring the bullish trajectory as it managed to break out from the crucial moving average level of Rs 151-143, and made a gain of about 10 percent on weekly basis begged by volume buildup.

· On the weekly price chart, the scrip registered a strong bullish candlestick pattern indicating a sustained rally after decisively closing above crucial levels.

·       Further, the weekly RSI at 50 levels which is above the previous level hints at a favorable divergence coupled with the positive signal on MACD trading above Signal-Line.

·   The Adani Transmissions is currently holding resistance level at Rs 194 and support level at Rs 141.

We have a buy recommendation for Adani Transmissions which is currently trading at Rs 160.85 and target 172 -189 stop loss below 142.50.

Stock resistance (daily)
·       Resistance  1      -  169
·       Resistance 2       -  176
·       Resistance 3       -  301

Stock Support   (daily)

·       Support 1       -  151
·       Support 2       -  143
·       Support 3       -  125


                    NIFTY 50 TOP GAINERS
NIFTY 50 TOP GAINERS Report by CapitalHeight
                 NIFTY 50 WEEKLY LOSERS
NIFTY 50 WEEKLY LOSERS by CapitalHeight


Technical analysis sunpharma chart

The share price of Sun Pharma has seen a sharp rebound in first half of June 2018 after forming a bullish double bottom around 435 levels. In the last four weeks it is seen consolidating in a narrow range thus forming base for the next up move.
·     The stock during mid-June 2018 has Registered a resolute breakout above the falling trend line joining the high of August 2016 (855) and February 2018 (609) placed at540 levels. The index in the last four weeks is consolidating in a range above the trend line breakout area and the 52 weeks EMA as can be seen in adjacent chart signaling higher base formation in the stock.
· Weekly MACD in uptrend and hasrecently moved into positiveterritory thus supports the bullishbias in the stock.
·     We expect the stock to headtowards 622 levels in the coming Month as it is the 61.8%retracement of the entire CY 2017 decline 729 to433.
·    Pharma sector has remained in focus throughout in June and many stocks from the sector have formed trend reversal patterns on the charts.
Buying Sun Pharma future currently levels for the upside target of Rs 590 and 625 keep a stop loss placed at Rs 545.

 Stock resistance (daily)

·       Resistance  1      -  575
·       Resistance 2       -  599
·       Resistance 3       -  661

 Stock Support   (daily)

·       Support 1       -   548
·       Support 2       -   527
·       Support 3       -   461
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Weekly Special Report Of CapitalHeight 16 July 2018

Nifty 50 update by Capitalheight

Nifty Chart by CapitalHeight


Nifty 50 Chart by CapitalHeight

Equity benchmarks formed a higher peak and trough as the Sensex ended at an all -time high at 36548 while the Nifty reclaimed the 11000 mark and ended above the Budget session high at 11023, up 75 points or 0.7%. Profit booking continued in broader markets as the Nifty midcap and small cap dropped 0 .45 % and 0. 2%, respectively. On the sectoral front, financials outshone while realty stocks underperformed.

The price action formed a small bull candle with long upper shadow while carrying a positive gap below it, indicating profit booking from higher levels. As discussed in earlier editions, the overall bias remains positive as the market continued to form a higher peak -trough on all time frames (daily, weekly & monthly), validating inherent strength of the market . Over the past 10 sessions, the Nifty has rallied 520 points, pulling the stochastic oscillator in the overbought territory (at 89). Thus, a breather at higher levels cannot be ruled out. However, we believe any near term breather towards 10930 should be utilized as an incremental buying opportunity, as it is the lower end of gap area 11000 -10948 (recorded on July 12), which would set the stage for the Nifty to challenge an all -time high of 11172 in coming months .

Structurally, the Nifty maintained the rhythm of maturing each directional move of broader consolidation (10000 -11171) in seven to eight weeks. Even in the current scenario, the Nifty saw a strong up move on the corroboration of time wise maturity of corrective move of eight weeks (started from May high of 10930 ) . The current rally off two week’s low (10558 to11078 =520 points) is bigger in magnitude than early -June pullback of 475 points (10418 –10893). Time wise, earlier pullback of 475 points took 15 sessions while the current rally of 520 points has been seen in just 10 sessions. A rally getting bigger relatively faster signals a structural turnaround that augurs well for the next leg of the up move towards 11172.

This structural improvement makes us confident of upgrading support zone to 10700 as it is confluence of -
  61. 8 % retracement of 10558 –10957, placed at 10710.


Weekly Performance Report of CapitalHeight (09-13 July 2018)

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Cash Premium Calls by CapitalHeight

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Option Premium Calls by CapitalHeight

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Future Calls by CapitalHeight

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Weekly Performance Report of CapitalHeight (02-06 July 2018)

          CapitalHeight CASH PREMIUM 02 July - 06 July 2018

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Best Investing Tips for Safe Investment in Stock Market by CapitalHeight

Stock Market News by CapitalHeight
1 Try not to purchase a stock without looking at the money related well being.

2. Go for a decent and expert help with the goal that you can be guided about the market.

3. Never purchase a stock without knowing its business and who its rival is.

4. Continuously concentrate on the pioneers in an industry with the goal that you can get great information of the market.

5. Try not to attempt to base figure the Indian securities exchange.

6. Continuously purchase stocks when advertise lists are in up-slant.

7. Endeavor to hold up until the point when the Share showcase has obviously pivoted.

8. Continuously settle on your choice to purchase the best organizations of ventures.

9. Make it a point to purchase organizations with new items or administrations.

10. Ensure that you purchase stocks that are extending in the stock trade.

11. Attempt to decide if vast or little tops are supported in the offer market.

12. The income ought to be no less than 25% quarterly.

13. Endeavor to put resources into organizations that have high administration.

14. Settle on savvy choices.

15. Try not to be fretful.

16. Normal up with your champs.

17. Go for a decent dealer.

18. Set a strict spending plan.

19. Set your objectives.

20. Try not to feel like a failure

21. Point higher

22. Attempt to limit chance.

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Planning to Start Investing in Stock Market - CapitalHeight

Planning to Start Investing in Stock Market?  A Step by Step Guide For Beginners

Why you want to Invest?

In India, Stock Market Investments are finished by few individuals. It is the hazy area for the greater part of the Investors and it is seen as bet by senior individuals. As far back as Harshad Mehta frequency in mid 90s, Indian individuals don't discover their solace in putting resources into Stock Market. We can learn by this reality that aggregate no. of organizations enrolled with Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) is in excess of 16 lakh though add up to no. of organizations recorded on Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) is just 5542. Out of organizations enlisted on MCA, just 11 lakh are dynamic and adjust 5 lakh have since been shut. In like manner, add up to no. of organizations accessible for exchanging on BSE is 3500 just and adjust are not exchanged.

     What are risks involved?

Before buying any Stock, you ought to altogether break down and get your work done on that stock. There are exceptionally straightforward systems, which might be useful. In the event that you are having a long haul viewpoint, at that point you can purchase blue chip stocks. Blue Chip Stocks are of those organizations which are working on substantial scale and have demonstrated reputation throughout the years. Despite the fact that these securities are not as solid as plated edged securities. You can check the organization's PE proportion, EPS and different essentials. You can likewise scan for what organization is doing directly and what designs they need to extend their current business? All these data you can get from organization's yearly report

      When you are going to exit?

This is also one of the best strategies to win the Stock Market. You should know that when you are going to exit the market. Suppose, you have bought one stock at Rs.10/- per share, then you should keep in mind your sale price at the same time. When prices move up or down, you should be clear about your tenure and target in the particular stock you are buying. If price of a particular share has reached to Rs 50/- then you should not think that it will again rise to another higher level. Basically, you should know your sale price.

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