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Planning to Start Investing in Stock Market?  A Step by Step Guide For Beginners

Why you want to Invest?

In India, Stock Market Investments are finished by few individuals. It is the hazy area for the greater part of the Investors and it is seen as bet by senior individuals. As far back as Harshad Mehta frequency in mid 90s, Indian individuals don't discover their solace in putting resources into Stock Market. We can learn by this reality that aggregate no. of organizations enrolled with Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) is in excess of 16 lakh though add up to no. of organizations recorded on Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) is just 5542. Out of organizations enlisted on MCA, just 11 lakh are dynamic and adjust 5 lakh have since been shut. In like manner, add up to no. of organizations accessible for exchanging on BSE is 3500 just and adjust are not exchanged.

     What are risks involved?

Before buying any Stock, you ought to altogether break down and get your work done on that stock. There are exceptionally straightforward systems, which might be useful. In the event that you are having a long haul viewpoint, at that point you can purchase blue chip stocks. Blue Chip Stocks are of those organizations which are working on substantial scale and have demonstrated reputation throughout the years. Despite the fact that these securities are not as solid as plated edged securities. You can check the organization's PE proportion, EPS and different essentials. You can likewise scan for what organization is doing directly and what designs they need to extend their current business? All these data you can get from organization's yearly report

      When you are going to exit?

This is also one of the best strategies to win the Stock Market. You should know that when you are going to exit the market. Suppose, you have bought one stock at Rs.10/- per share, then you should keep in mind your sale price at the same time. When prices move up or down, you should be clear about your tenure and target in the particular stock you are buying. If price of a particular share has reached to Rs 50/- then you should not think that it will again rise to another higher level. Basically, you should know your sale price.

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